Application Developers Should Take Interest Following Google’s Claim

Application Developers Should Take Interest Following Google’s Claim

Google’s Quantum Supremacy Claim Has Practical Implications

Points to note…

+  “If you’re a programmer interested in quantum computing, get involved now,” he said. “Take advantage of the free quantum systems that are available — things like Microsoft’s QDK, D-Wave System’s Ocean SDK, Rigetti’s Forest SDK, and IBM’s Qiskit. Microsoft has developed a domain-specific programming language for expressing quantum algorithms called Q#. And there’s a plethora of libraries out there. They should check out the Quantum Algorithm Zoo, for example, which is a repository of quantum algorithms.”

“Our guidance to CIO’s is that they shouldn’t ignore this space, because it’s likely to be a real competitive differentiator in five to ten years,” he said. “But they wouldn’t want to go all in just yet, because it’s not clear exactly what it’s going to do for them. Let the hardware and software mature, let the algorithms start unfolding. But don’t throw a lot of money at it now.”

+  The Quantum Open Source Foundation maintains a curated list of open-source quantum software projects on GitHub. Last month, IBM opened a quantum computational center in Poughkeepsie, New York, designed to “support the growing needs of a community of over 150,000 registered users and nearly 80 commercial clients, academic institutions, and research laboratories to advance quantum computing and explore practical applications,” the company said in a statement.

+  Another reason to get started now, Brisse said, is that quantum computing is complicated. It takes time to learn quantum computing algorithm development, and mapping business problems to quantum computing is difficult to get right. Plus, there’s a lot of physics involved.

Source:  ADT MAG.  John K. Waters,  Google’s Quantum Supremacy Claim Has Practical Implications…

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