Microsoft Q# Advent Calendar: Spirited & Seasonal Reading on All Things Quantum


Q# Advent Calendar 2020

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+  For the past two years we hosted Q# Advent Calendar (2018 and 2019) – a blogging event in which every day in December one awesome community member writes a blog post about Q#. I really enjoyed reading both years’ entries, so let’s do it again!

+  Here’s a sample from the current advent calendar:

+ Dec 1 Vincent van Wingerden Quantum Secret Santa

+ Dec 9 Julien Mellaerts Quantum device fidelity benchmark in Q#

+ Dec 14 Filip Wojcieszyn Rewrite steps for Q# compiler

+ Dec 18 Lucy Zhang, Arjun Subramonian Quantum game

+  There are already some great blog posts published in this year’s calendar, and more are coming up, so don’t forget to check back daily for the newest entry. If you’re interested in contributing a blog post, There are still some open slots. to check out the Q# Advent calendar, and find out how you can contribute, head over to the Q# Dev Blog.

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