IBM Q System One

IBM Q System One.  This week, IBM announced Q System One at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The Q System One is the first superconducting quantum computer to operate beyond the lab.  The vision is to solve problems classical computing systems cannot.  IBM touts Q System One’s potential to solve challenges facing the financial services sector, artificial intelligence development, and chemical applications such as pharmaceutical research.

The same approach used to integrate components found in classical systems was applied to the design of Q System One.  Of the componentry included, highlights promoted by Big Blue include:

1. Quantum electronics and hardware producing qubits which are repeatable and predictable; controlled in large numbers

2. Quantum firmware managing the system’s health; limiting system downtime during upgrades

3. Classical system-linked user access providing “secure cloud access and hybrid execution of quantum algorithms.”

Showing its quantum computing advances, IBM will be opening the IBM Q Quantum Computation Center in New York, State.  Expected sometime in 2019, the center will house IBM’s cloud-based quantum systems.  For those in the IBM Q Network, access to the center will be made available in furtherance of quantum computing advancements.

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