Quantum Key Distribution in the Holland Tunnel

Quantum Key Distribution in the Holland Tunnel.  
The annual QKD market may demand $2 billion by 2024.  The nascent technology promises to be nearly impossible to hack without discovery.  Currently the technology is being tested throughoout the world.  Unknown to nearly everyone, the cutting-edge quantum science project, of sorts, is being tested in the Holland Tunnel between Manhattan and Jersey.  Further, the Chinese government has created a 1,240-mile QKD-protected link between Beijing and Shanghai and has demonstrated telecommunication video-links using its quantum satellite, Micius.  Telecommunications corporations in the U.K., Japan, and the United States, are looking to bring quantum-secure communications into their architectures.

Quantum Key Distribution relies on quantum entanglement.  It’s “weird science” for the masses.(Image Credit: Timm Weitkamp)

Reference is found at Bloomberg…


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