Wanted: Computation and Algorithm Specialist

Wanted: Computation and Algorithm Specialist.  
As complex and cutting edge as quantum computing and machine learning are, advertisements for position openings are out there.  In looking at a BOSCH coporate position request, one must wonder if industry understands the difficulty in finding the right quntum savvy person with the required skills.  In the position description the company ensures there is little confusion of what an algorithm is: “An algorithm is any software (e.g. AI, quantum algorithms, machine learning, finite automata, lambda calculus based , etc.) which creates business value (customer + knowledge value) by solving a current or future problems.” 

Clearly stated by the ad is what they ask the prospective employee to do: “As Algorithm Developer, you develop high performance, robust and scalable algorithms to enable and fulfill emerging technology strategy.”  The description continues describing one of the responsibilities as being: “Hands on coding of the components of Blockchain based solutions and platforms.”   The position continues to state: “The individual will work on latest upcoming technologies of the world, build new businesses from the start in a startup environment.”  Broad-brushing from this one manufacturing company, is the industry seeking a quantum business developer or a quantum coder?  After having had some time to look at whom they are seeking, it is apparent the asking is just as unsure of disruptive technology’s place as the type of individual being sought to fill that nebulous gap.  Qubit.


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