SA QuTI: So That We Can Be Part of the Quantum Revolution

Following on a proposal written by the consortium led by Professor Andrew Forbes from the Wits School of Physics, the DSI committed the first tranche of funding up until March 2025 to set up SA QuTI. It involves establishing quantum nodes at five centres… and eventually increasing the number of active centres across the country by finding and supporting new emerging quantum leaders.

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From Down-Under to Over-The-Top, Aussie Roadmap Provides Vision for Unlocking the Potential of Emerging Quantum Technologies, Capturing a $6B Opportunity

Commercialising quantum technologies could create an Australian industry worth $2.2 billion and 8,700 jobs by 2030. This could reach nearly $6 billion and 19,400 jobs by 2045. Australia has world-class quantum research capabilities and an emerging quantum technology industry underpinned by the expertise and IP developed in its research institutions.

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