No Doubt: Quantum Computing Will Break Encryption, Probably, Maybe, Maybe Not

No Doubt: Quantum Computing Will Break Encryption, Probably, Maybe, Maybe Not.  Will it or won’t it?  Soon enough, when the time is right and a quantum computer with sufficient power has arrived.  If in the right hands, the world may find out it encryption is truly capable of being broken.  In theory, it is breakable.  We just need that test case to confirm it. 

No Doubt.  Extract:  “About 99% of online encryption is vulnerable to quantum computers,” said Mark Jackson, scientific lead for Cambridge Quantum Computing, at the Inside Quantum Technology conference in Boston on Wednesday 20th March. 

Quantum computers, those that use the principles of quantum entanglement and superposition to represent information, instead of electrical bits, are capable of performing certain types of calculation orders of magnitude more quickly than classical, electronic computers.

They’re more or less fringe technology in 2019, but their development has accelerated in recent years, and experts at the IQT conference say that a spike in deployment could occur as soon as 2024. Lawrence Gasman, president of IQT, compared the current state of quantum computing development to that of fiber-optic networking in the 1980s, a technology with a lot of promise, but one still missing one or two key pieces.



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