Needs or Wants: Quantum Data Analyst

Needs or Wants: Quantum Data Analyst.  Fast forward to 2050, quantum computing is here (because quantum is coming).  The industry is rapidly changing, the world is beginning to accommodate these powerful devices.  Now we need the workforce.  Recruiting Times has put out a prediction for 10 unusual jobs in the 2050 timeframe.  Artificial Intelligence, Yoga, and, yes, quantum computing has openings.  Albeit, in 2050.  Qubit


Quantum Data Analyst

Quantum computing uses the theory of quantum mechanics – the concept of nature at its smallest level of atoms and sub-atomic particles – and uses it in computer calculations. It sounds confusing because it is says Metro. We don’t know enough about quantum data yet to understand exactly how it could be used in the world of computing. But scientists are keen to find out.

‘The demand for data analysts is growing, and with the development of quantum computing, businesses of the future will need to prepare for this new technology,’ says James.

‘Quantum data analysts will be able to measure quantum information and help businesses upgrade to quantum level encryption.

Source:  Recruiting Times.  10 unusual jobs that will be huge in 2050…


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