Japanese Startup has Big Plans for Quantum Computing with Promising Backers

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Japanese Startup has Big Plans for Quantum Computing with Promising Backers. 

Excerpts and salient points ~

  • The company recently set up an R&D project called Abeja X to dig into new technologies. The first target is quantum computing, which promises data analysis at astonishing speeds. Calculations that would take today’s computers billions of years could take a quantum computer days, or even less time.
  • Big U.S. tech companies seem to share Tomimatsu’s faith in Okada. Abeja counts Google, graphics chip maker Nvidia and cloud software company Salesforce.com among its backers. All told, the venture has raised more than 6 billion yen ($54 million) so far.
  • Ultimately, Okada aims to draw on Abeja’s experiences with its partners to provide software as a service, or SAAS, packages for multiple sectors. In other words, it would sell subscriptions to cloud-hosted applications designed to be suitable for an entire industry. This would complement the custom systems it now designs for individual clients.

Source:  NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW, Akane Okutsu, Japan’s Google-backed AI pioneer plots a quantum leap…

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