OP Ed: (Artificial Intelligence + Quantum Computing) * IBM = Living in Amazing Times

IBM continues to show unanticipated progress towards what will become a Quantum backed AI

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  IBM has the largest public Quantum effort and arguably has the lead in Quantum Computing development though companies like Alphabet, Intel, and Microsoft are accelerating their own efforts in this area.

+  Recent progress in [quantum computing] has been impressively fast given what appeared to be a very slow start over the prior decade or so. In 2016 IBM was able to bring out the very first Quantum systems and make them available to clients and the public. Subsequent to that they released the open specification for Quantum Cloud APIs which have been downloaded a massive 190K times (recall we are still some time away from a true production ready solution).

IBM’s true competitive advantage will therefore lie with a blend of Watson and Quantum Computing and I don’t know of any other company that is within 5 years of where IBM appears to be…

+  IBM has this platform in Watson and the result could be a solution that would help refine a problem so that it could be programmed effectively on a Quantum computer but using a Deep Learning computer as an enabling platform.

+ …Watson could assure that the problem be properly routed to the appropriate resource whether that be a more traditional computer, a Quantum Computer, or even a blend of the two, and it could help validate the result comparing it back to the goals originally set by the user. This would both significantly reduce the time to completion of the project and assure the quality of the result.

Source:  TG Daily.  Robert Enderle, IBM continues to show unanticipated progress towards what will become a Quantum backed AI…

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