Quantum Computing Primer

Quantum Computing Primer

D-Wave provides a basic-level tutorial on quantum computing concepts. Punctuated with diagrams, if you are not savvy or technically astute, you will be able to boost your understanding through the tutorial. Not a long read. Good for those needing some reminders on just what is a quantum computer. Qubit.

Quantum Computing Primer

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+  This tutorial is intended to introduce the concepts and terminology used in Quantum Computing, to provide an overview of what a Quantum Computer is, and why you would want to program one.

The material here is written using very high level concepts and is designed to be accessible to both technical and non-technical audiences. Some background in physics, mathematics and programming is useful to help understand the concepts presented in this document, although this is not a requirement.

+  1.1 – Conventional computing To understand quantum computing, it is useful to first think about conventional computing. We take modern digital computers and their ability to perform a multitude of different applications for granted. Our desktop PCs, laptops and smart phones can run spreadsheets, stream live video, allow us to chat with people on the other side of the world, and immerse us in realistic 3D environments. But at their core, all digital computers have something in common. They all perform simple arithmetic operations. Their power comes from the immense speed at which they are able to do this. Computers perform billions of operations per second. These operations are performed so quickly that they allow us to run very complex high level applications.

+  By following through the material in this primer, you will learn: How quantum physics gives us a new way to compute The similarities and differences between quantum computing and classical computing How the fundamental units of quantum computing (qubits) are manipulated to solve hard problems Why Quantum Computing is well suited to AI and machine learning applications, and how quantum computers may be used as ‘AI co-processors’

Source:  D-Wave.  D-Wave Systems Inc.,  Quantum Computing Primer…

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