Looking Ahead to 2020

Looking Ahead to 2020

It’s almost 2020.  Predictions for the coming year and looking back over the past year’s events abound.  This year, The Qubit Report has gathered a number of these pieces.  We have looked for the pertinent quantum computing aspects they contain.  A bit eye-opening on the variety of both good and bad for what lies ahead in 2020 and what did not come to pass in 2019.

Here, we take a look ahead to 2020.

Cyber Security Intelligence  Cyber Security 2020 – Some Other Predictions

The team at Cyber Security Intelligence is waging that an increase in data theft will occur.  This is all due to the anticipation building within the cybercriminal community.  That being a quantum computer will be able to decode the encrypted data they have stolen.  Qubit’s thought:  A bit of a stretch, but anyhow…

Cheaper quantum computing will come higher risks
Much like any resource, as quantum technology becomes increasingly acquired and used within business, it will become more affordable.  However, this could prove a trigger for cybercriminals to start turning their attention towards quantum data. “2020 will see more data breaches in anticipation of cracking the data when quantum computing becomes cheap and more affordable down the road,” said Ashvin Kamaraju, CTO for cloud protection and licensing activity at Thales.  “With potential breakthroughs like Google’s this year, it’s only a matter of time before more quantum computing power is achieved. When this happens, the encryption techniques used to sign messages and protect encryption keys will be rendered obsolete…..Next year will see an increase in the encrypted communications and encrypted data stolen by hackers as they stockpile information waiting for the tools to unlock it. So, in effect, quantum breaches will have already happened, long before the computing power comes to fruition.”

Deloitte  2020 insurance outlook

Insurance companies better get their attention on quantum computing.  Deloitte airs concern the insurance industry may be “under-aware” of quantum computing’s threat to encrypted data.

What are you doing to better encrypt systems and defend against hackers leveraging AI, quantum computing, and 5G networks to bolster their infiltration capabilities?

Meanwhile, as insurers up their own games with AI, they should be aware their adversaries are likely taking advantage of the same advanced technologies to discover new vulnerabilities and propagate malware to exploit them.

Looking ahead, the rise of quantum computing and 5G capabilities could exacerbate cyber threats considerably—the former by undermining the effectiveness of current encryption methods, and the latter by accelerating how quickly connected devices communicate, thereby cutting the time required to infiltrate systems and transfer data.

Computerworld  Quantum computing predictions for 2020

These predictions cover everything quantum.  All that the team at Computerworld can say is…

There’s very little that is certain in the future of quantum computing and its related fields other than that it will truly be disruptive. Many engineers working in the applied world of quantum have made predictions about the seismic changes it has the potential to bring about, but even they aren’t sure of the use cases and applications that will emerge once quantum computing becomes truly viable.

MSN  25 Tech Predictions for 2020

This prediction puts quantum technology at #3 of 20 on MSN’s list.  “Show me the money” can sum up MSN Finance team’s look at the future.

This technology has the potential to be a major driver of future breakthrough advances in areas such as artificial intelligence and healthcare. Many of the opportunities for investments in hardware are now in the later stage, but the broader investment community should look out for the enabling technologies and software that will start to emerge for the hardware platforms. We believe the technology is at an inflection point and has enough momentum for more investors to now engage in various ventures…

T & M Electronic Specifier  2020 vision: Predictions for the T&M sector

This piece claims 2019 was a bruising.  Perhaps the “aggressive hype phase” will continue to do so into 2020.  We’ll see.  Because Quantum is Coming. 

Quantum computing and engineering will continue to be in an aggressive hype phase in 2020, but the ability to control, measure, and error-correct quantum systems as the number of qubits grows will be important from the start. 

Casey Research  These Five Technologies Will Take Off in 2020

Casey Research sees quantum computing as #5 of 5 and as an investment opportunity in 2020.  Never-mind the real science… aggressive hype may have influenced this one. 

Here’s my final prediction for 2020…

The world will see its first 256-qubit quantum computer. And I’ll tell you why that’s important.

When people refer to military-grade encryption, it’s called 256-bit encryption. That’s the standard for security and encryption technology.

But the moment you have a 256-qubit quantum computer, you can crack that encryption software in milliseconds. It’s over…

I predict we will reach that point in 2020.

Obviously, the cybersecurity company that can address this problem would be a great investment target. I’m actively searching for such a company.

CIO Digital Health Technology Trends  Healthcare’s digital transformation: 5 predictions for 2020

Medical Industry Writers are referring to quantum computing as one of “several new technologies… worth watching”.  Although, quantum computing did not quite making it to their top 5.

Among other emerging technologies, blockchain has fallen off the radar, despite being all the rage a couple of years ago. Several new technologies are worth watching. AR/VR applications are gaining ground in a range of medical procedures, as well as in educational applications. 5G networks hold promise in transforming communications within hospitals as well as in remote care models with faster data transfer to and from IoT devices. We are in the early stages of quantum computing and DNA data storage.

IT Pro Portal  2020 marks the beginning of the Quantum computing era

Perhaps the most far fetching prediction is from IT Pro Portal.  Use of quantum computers as the platform of choice to process big data… maybe a bit of a stretch to happen or begin in 2020, but maybe. 

Lastly, Anis Uzzaman, CEO of Pegasus Tech Ventures also weighs in on quantum computing. He believes “2020 will mark a new paradigm towards the real usage of quantum computing technology. The amount of data produced will increase significantly, and quantum computing will be the main platform to use this data to target big problems in industries such as healthcare and energy, enabling us to handle big data for cancer treatment, DNA analysis, nuclear energy control, and so forth. Quantum computer technology is becoming easier to use in familiar platforms such as AWS, and in mid-2020, the use of quantum computers will become more common for enterprises and developers.”

Observer  The ‘Quantum Computing’ Decade Is Coming—Here’s Why You Should Care

Albeit missing many details, for the layperson, this piece sums up a relatively plausible, conservative view, of the coming decade as quantum computing’s decade.

And so here is a post—written in terms as clear and simple as this human could muster—summing up these recent advances and repeating other experts’ predictions that the 2020s appear to be the decade when quantum computers begin to contribute to your life, by both making slight improvements to your map app, and powering artificial intelligence robust and savvy enough to be a real-life Skynet.

…If you walk away with nothing else, know that quantum computer spending is very real, even if the potential is theoretical.

SD Times Software predictions for 2020 from around the industry

Money.  And more money.  Quantum computing startups and major corporations to produce quantum computing applications in 2020 than ever before.  Good time to be a developer one might think.

Matthew Halliday, co-founder and VP of product for Incorta

Quantum computing applications will take off in 2020: Quantum computing remains in the most nascent stages of development, but the possibilities are fascinating – quantum computing unlocks a new world of use cases that were previously impossible. While we may still be years away from widespread use cases, the number of initial applications will skyrocket in 2020, as companies like Google and IBM join smaller outfits like Quantum Thought in beginning to commercialize their quantum abilities. As a result, 2020 will bring heavy investments in quantum computing applications from venture capitalists and major enterprises alike – the upside is simply too great to ignore.

BDaily News Cyber Security Expert Predictions for 2020

Another team see hoarding of data during 2020.  The team at BDaily News carries a comment from Attivo Networks attributing increase stockpiling of data during 2020.  This is all in anticipation for the eventual [still theoretical] arrival of encryption cracking quantum computers. 

We will begin to see more examples of the theft of encrypted data as cybercriminals begin to stockpile information in preparation for the benefits of quantum-computing where traditional encryption will become easy to crack. The advances in quantum computing that Google has recently published bring this possibility closer to becoming reality.

ComputerWeekly.com  Top IT predictions in APAC in 2020

Aggressive hype is the word for the day.  Perhaps the team at ComputerWeekly is being aggressive in stating quantum breaches have already begun.  Arguably, one could agree, though a bit of an explanation would be needed. 

2020 will see more data breaches in anticipation for quantum computing becoming cheaper and more affordable down the road, according to Rana Gupta, Asia-Pacific vice-president for cloud protection and licensing activity at Thales.

With potential breakthroughs like Google’s this year, Gupta noted that it is only a matter of time before more quantum computing power is achieved. When this happens, the encryption techniques used to sign messages and protect encryption keys will be rendered obsolete.

In anticipation of that, next year will see an increase in the encrypted communications and encrypted data stolen by hackers as they stockpile information waiting for the tools to unlock it. So, in effect, quantum breaches will have already happened, long before the computing power comes to fruition.

Finally.  What won’t happen in 2020 has been predicted, too.  And this is one the team here at The Qubit Report sides with… Because Quantum is Coming, just not in 2020 at a large commercial scale.  Qubit.

Business Wire  What WON’T Happen in 2020: 5G Wearables, Quantum Computing, and Self-Driving Trucks to Name a Few

ABI Research is going a bit against the grain.  The research team believes quantum computing at the commercial scale is a long-way off.

Quantum Computing: “Despite claims from Google in achieving quantum supremacy, the tech industry is still far away from the democratization of quantum computing technology,” says Lian Jye Su, AI & Machine Learning Principal Analyst at ABI Research. “Quantum computing is definitely not even remotely close to the large-scale commercial deployment stage.”


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