Upskilling Certificates, New Curriculum to Bolster the Quantum Workforce

Upskiling Certificates, New Curriculum to Bolster the Quantum Workforce

New retraining certificates, curriculum to build the quantum workforce

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+  A new certificates program offered by the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering at the University of Chicago will educate scientists and engineers in the key principles of quantum technology and practical applications.

“Companies are eager to hire employees with a knowledge of quantum science to develop emerging applications,” said David Awschalom, the Liew Family Professor in Molecular Engineering at the University of Chicago, a senior scientist at Argonne National Laboratory, and director of the Chicago Quantum Exchange. “Part of creating a quantum-ready workforce includes retraining those with experience in the physical sciences and engineering who do not have a background in quantum science. The certificates program paves the way for those in both the private and public sectors to pivot towards a career in quantum engineering and help develop technologies of the future.”

+  The rapidly emerging field of quantum technology has the power to transform cybersecurity, materials development, and computing, but jobs within the field require specific knowledge of quantum science and engineering and their potential applications. Companies in the communications, electronics, optics, and materials industries already struggle to find a large enough workforce to fill these jobs and that demand is only projected to increase in future years.

+  UChicago’s certificates program in Quantum Engineering and Technology is aimed at retraining scientists across their careers, particularly those who have been educated in classical physics, computer science, and other science and engineering fields, but who want to pursue a career in the growing quantum industries.

+  The certificates program allows scientists and engineers to apply their existing knowledge to quantum applications without attaining another degree. While offered by the University’s Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering (PME) the certificates program will be managed by the Chicago Quantum Exchange, a catalyst for advancing academic and industrial efforts in the science and engineering of quantum information. It is the latest effort by the two organizations to develop the quantum workforce of the future.

Source:  PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MOLECULAR ENGINEERING News.  PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MOLECULAR ENGINEERING,  New retraining certificates, curriculum to build the quantum workforce…

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