Israeli Firm Random Quantum Announces Quantum Random Number Generator

Israeli Firm Random Quantum Announces Quantum Random Number Generator

Random Quantum launches future-ready Random Number Generator

In the era of data theft and predictability, the cybersecurity and encryption industries are facing a shortfall and are struggling to keep up with the ever-evolving technology. Most of these rely on Random Numbers and can be shaken like a house of cards by the hackers.

Therefore, the world needs a new and strong solution that is capable of giving nightmares to cunning hackers instead of the data owners.

But here comes an Israeli company that has drawn a margin and taken a leap to create a solution that will make the cybersecurity and cryptography industries future-ready. Random Quantum has mastered this field by adding the facet of Quantum Computing to Random Number Generation. It’s RQubit Generator generates true random numbers that have unmatched uniqueness. Many industries like casinos & gaming, surveys, cryptography, online messaging platforms, financial institutes, among others are set to benefit from this ultimate level of randomness.

But even though the key highlight of RQubits is true randomness, along with being unbreakable and unpredictable, the RNG is also said to produce scalable results. Another aspect that makes Random Quantum stand out of the crowd is its Cloud-Based Random Number as a Service (RNaas). Hence the data stored isn’t dependent on a platform, hardware or architecture.

You can know more about this revolutionary product at the Cyber Tech 2020 event in Tel Aviv, Israel, which is one of the most prominent B2B networking platforms. It covers the scope of digitalization and opens new realms of opportunities while providing a solution to combat the treats within the cyber world.

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