Dissenting Voices: No Need for Quantum Cryptography

Dissenting Voices: No Need for Quantum Cryptography

Experts Split on Practical Implications of Quantum Cryptography

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+  Scientists in China were able to exchange an encryption key at a distance of 1,120 kilometers, this exceeds the previous best attempt by 1,000 kilometers. Crypto experts discuss whether this could have practical implications for the industry.

One could imagine if this technology becomes a commodity it could make crypto hacking obsolete as users would be able to authorize transactions outside of the Internet.

+  Ian Grigg, the inventor of the Ricardian Contract and a notable a cypherpunk does not believe quantum cryptography has something practical to offer: “Nope. We don’t need quantum cryptography to securely distribute keys. We can do it cheaper with software methods.”

+  Sergio Demian Lerner, a Bitcoin (BTC) researcher and designer of RSK agrees with Grigg that there are less expensive ways to get the job done: “There is no need for a quantum link to exchange keys. You just travel once, and exchange keys. And then you use those keys for the next 10 years. In my humble opinion, it has absolutely no application that can cover the infrastructure cost.”

Source:  Cointelegraph.  Michael Kapilkov,  Experts Split on Practical Implications of Quantum Cryptography…

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