Australia Ratchets Quantum Computing Up a Notch With Cloud Computing

Australia Ratchets Quantum Computing Up a Notch With Cloud Computing

Aussie developers get quantum computing service in the cloud

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+  D-Wave Systems has made the latest version of its Leap quantum cloud service available in Australia, which allows developers, researchers and businesses access to its D-Wave 2000Q quantum computers, hybrid solvers and quantum application environment.

Access to quantum services based on the cloud could benefit Australian researchers and developers trying to solve complex problems that a normal computer would either take days to solve or not be able to solve it at all.

+  D-Wave’s Leap quantum cloud service offers a hybrid solver service, which is a managed cloud-based service allowing users to solve large and complex problems of as many as 10,000 variables. The hybrid solver runs problems on a collection of quantum and classical cloud resources, using D-Wave’s algorithms to decide the best way to solve a problem.+ It also has an integrated developer environment with a ready-to-code environment with D-Wave’s problem inspection and Python debugging, and it is integrated with GitHub. The problem inspector gives developers a visual representation of their problems on the quantum processing unit, allowing them to fine-tune code and improve results.

+  Dekate noted that enterprise adoption of quantum computing has been slow given the fact that quantum computing will likely take several years to solve business-relevant problems. “We anticipate that organisations that are seeking to develop early quantum computing strategies will be primary benefactors of ecosystems like D-Wave,” Dekate told Computerworld Australia. “Quantum computing is unlike any other conventional computing technology and will require a fundamental redesign of algorithms, applications and implementations. As a result organisations that proactively devise quantum strategies are more likely positioned to succeed when quantum technologies mature.”

Source:  COMPUTERWORLD.  Samira Sarraf,  Aussie developers get quantum computing service in the cloud…

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