The Evolving Quantum Computing Ecosystem (Part 7 of 8)

The seventh part of an eight part-series by Mr. Russ Fein, founder of The Quantum Leap. In this work Russ discusses the quantum computing ecosystem which is taking form. Covering quantum computing applications to quantum computing hardware providers, Russ provides a firm base to understand the quantum computing industry. The Quantum Leap is an up-and-coming blog journaling the race to quantum supremacy. Read the series here at The Qubit Report or find the complete series and more at, Quantumtech.blog. Because Quantum is Coming. Qubit

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Rigetti Sets Stage for Quantum Advantage on a High-Impact, Operationally Relevant Challenge

Rigetti Computing, a pioneer in hybrid quantum-classical computing, announced it has developed an effective solution to a weather modeling problem using quantum computers. Building on existing machine learning workflows, the company applied a combination of classical and quantum machine learning techniques to produce high-quality synthetic weather radar data and improve classical models for storm prediction. The work was performed on Rigetti’s 32-qubit system, demonstrating that practical applications are within reach for near-term quantum hardware.

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Smacked by SPACs, Is Rigetti Taking It’s Full-Stack to the Nasdaq? Nope, Try the N-Y-S-E for Rigetti!

Rigetti & Co., Inc. (“Rigetti”), a pioneer in full-stack quantum computing, announced it has entered into a definitive merger agreement with Supernova Partners Acquisition Company II, Ltd. (“Supernova II”) (NYSE:SNII), a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company. When the transaction closes, the publicly traded company will be named Rigetti Computing, Inc. and its common stock is expected to be listed on the NYSE under the ticker “RGTI.”

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QUBT University Opens

Quantum Computing Inc. Announces QUBT University Program Helps Students Learn How to Solve Complex Optimization Problems with Access to Qatalyst and Quantum Educational Resources  Quantum Computing Inc.

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