Entangling Record

Entangling Record

Attaining quantum supremacy demands a large number of controllable qubits. Physicists at the Austrian Academy of Sciences with collaboration from others in academia have created measured entanglement between groups of qubits. Distinction must be made that the entanglement is not between individual particles but groups. The multi-particle entanglement was attained and measured using new detection techniques. Potential application to quantum computing is derived from the qubits being able to be addressed and read individually. This team hopes to reach their next milestone of 50 entangled particles. April 15, 2018.

See this Qubit Report page, below, for a conceptual diagram and explanation.

Conceptual picture of the new exotic quantum states that have been generated in Innsbruck. The generation of quantum entanglement in a string of 20 single atoms is shown. Entanglement between neighboring atom pairs (blue), atom triplets (pink), atom quadruplets (red) and quintuplets (yellow) was observed, before the system became too complex to characterize with existing techniques. (Image credit: IQOQI Innsbruck/Harald Ritsch)

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