Quantum Comics Teaching The Basics

Quantum Comics Teaching The Basics.  
Enabling Practical Scale Quantum Computing, or EPiQC, is one of the fruits of the U.S. National Science Foundation’s funding of quantum computing research and education.  One of their missions is to to fill the research gap between theoretical algorithms and physical hardware.

“A major goal of EPiQC is to grow this urgently-needed community of computer science researchers for quantum computing.”

The quantum computing education effort targets current computer science researchers and the next generation of researchers.  At the most fundamental level of understanding, quantum mechanics is difficult to understand.   Zines, short comic strips, are being used to inform and educate those new to quantum computing. 

EPiQC has been creating zines about a number of quantum computing topics ranging from superposition to quantum notation.  These begin with analogies accessible to a broad audience and often end with a detailed discussion.  Well worth a few moments to review and hopefully teach someone in an easy to understand format.

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