U.S. Updates Strategic Computing Initiative

U.S. Updates Strategic Computing Initiative

Though light in mentioning quantum computing and quantum technologies specifically, the strategy does call out the topic in terms of hardware and algorithms (firmware, software). 

NVIDIA response to the RFI: “Looking forward, the practical realization of slowing technology scaling will likely require a range of approaches including: (1) architectures that incorporate increasingly specialized accelerator hardware; (2) packaging, signaling,and interconnect technologies that enable greater scaling at both the “node” and “system” level; (3) novel devices (e.g., carbon nanotube FETs) that can provide smaller digital devices at lower power; and (4) novel computing technologies such as analog, quantum, and neuromorphic that may require fundamental changes to algorithms.” (Strategy found here in PDF).

Below is a broader discussion of the strategy.  Because Quantum is Coming.  Qubit.

White House Updates National Strategic Computing Initiative

In brief…

+  Upon recognizing “new and potentially disruptive technologies and the demands of new classes of data-intensive applications” that are now accelerating the evolution of computing capabilities, OSTP and the National Science and Technology Council Subcommittee on Networking and Information Technology Research and Development created a Fast Track Action Committee on Strategic Computing in June. Since then, the committee has engaged with public, private and academic partners to inform their development of the updated plan.

“The [update] provides a framework to drive the future of computing, improve our computational infrastructure, and create lasting multi-sector partnerships to ensure continued American leadership,” Kratsios said.

+  The NCSI was created under an executive order launched by the Obama administration in 2015, with the intent of bringing together a “whole-of-nation” effort to accelerate American leadership in high-performance supercomputing. An NCSI executive council was also established and is made up of federal technology leaders from a variety of agencies. In 2016, the council previously published the U.S. Strategic Computing Plan.

+  Compared to the 2016 plan, the updated version ultimately places a much sharper emphasis on computer hardware, software and overall infrastructures, and developing innovative, real-world applications and opportunities to support the future of American computing.

Source:  Nextgov.  Brandi Vincent,  White House Updates National Strategic Computing Initiative…

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