Superconductivity from Kagome Lattice; ‘Flat Band’ Electrons

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Superconductivity from Kagome Lattice; ‘Flat Band’ Electrons. 
Princeton University scientists, using the latest in scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy (STM/S) to study electron behaviors in kagome latticed crystal, showed that placing a “kagome magnet in a high magnetic field causes the direction of magnetism to reverse.”  M. Zahid Hasan, Professor of Physics at Princeton University, leading the team states, “We have been searching for super-massive ‘flat band’ electrons that can still conduct electricity for a long time, and finally we have found them.”

Further, Professor Hasan claimed, “In this system, we also found that due to an internal quantum phase effect, some electrons line up opposite to the magnetic field, producing negative magnetism.”  Further research revealed the atomic patterns in the kagome crystal structure elicit electronic superconductive properties.  Superconductive properties are sought after in furtherance of high performance computing components such as those in quantum computers.

Reference is found at Princeton University…

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