The Purcell Effect: Key to Quantum Repeater

The Purcell Effect: Key to Quantum Repeater.  Placing an atom of rubidium between two mirrors could be the key to a reliable quantum repeater.  The reliable quantum repeater is a much sought after device as it will enable passing quantum information along a quantum network.  The Purcell Effect reveals itself when the atom, between two mirrors, is struck by a laser.  Generated by this laser strike is a photon which prefers to launch toward one of the mirrors. 

Key here are the mirrors, for they attract the atom which otherwise would fly in any direction.  This attraction to the mirrors occurs due to the Purcell Effect. 

With it, the photons can be guided along the mirrored path with partial glass fiber.  Passing the photonic energy into another atom permits capture of the quantum information.  Strike this next atom with a laser, the photon released retains the quantum information passed to it; and so on.  Quite a feat accomplished by research scientists at the Institute of Applied Physics at the University of Bonn. 

Reference found at PHYS.ORG…

“The four lenses surround the resonator and are used to focus the laser beams that hold the atom in the resonator and to observe the atom.” (Image Credit: Miguel Martinez-Dorantes, University of Bonn)

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