The Principle of It All.  New Approach to Quantum Simulation Developed.  

The Principle of It All.  New Approach to Quantum Simulation Developed. 
A subatomic particles’ ability to exist in more than one place at once is fundamental to the power of quantum computers.  This superposition  — existing in more than one place at once — is the principle behind quantum computers and quantum simulators.

Quantum simulators provide us with the opportunity to simulate fundamental aspects of nature without looking into the complexities arising from the various particles and their interactions.

“This is precisely the motive behind the research of Professor Ebrahim Karimi and his team” at the University of Ottawa. 

The team enables the simulator to emulate periodic and closed structures found in nature.  Ring-shaped molecules and crystalline lattices, by invoking the quantum mechanical properties of light, are two examples of studies conducted.   The results open up the possibility for developing efficient photonic-based quantum computers.

“With quantum simulation techniques becoming more mature and complex, synthesizing new materials, chemicals and drug development will be greatly simplified.  The quantum simulator will help provide all the information one needs in the blink of an eye.”

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