Archer Materials Update: Progress Towards Qubit Control

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Progress towards qubit control

Archer Materials Limited is pleased to update the significant progress that the Company has made in advancing the current stage of development of its 12CQ quantum computing chip (“chip”), which is focused on achieving the major technological milestone of qubit control.

Commenting on progress towards qubit control, Archer CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair said: “We are incredibly proud of these latest results which show that we are making significant progress toward our goal of qubit control. Achieving qubit control is required for operational devices and would be major validation of the commercial viability of the 12CQ chip.

“Archer is well-funded and on-track to continue its 12CQ chip technology development, with a key focus on demonstrating few and single-qubit control.”

Archer has now built a number of the qubit control devices required for 12CQ chip development, optimising its first QC Devices. The Company has engineered and commenced operating the infrastructure and specialised equipment required to perform qubit control using various QC Device configurations (Image 1).

Archer 12CQ Qubit Control Setup

Image 1. Quantum measurement setup for qubit control. The state-of-the-art setup where the first quantum control measurements are being performed on Archer’s 12CQ qubit material. A  The cryogenic chamber (yellow) together with quantum control instrumentation to perform the sophisticated quantum measurements. B  The QC Devices (about half a millimetre in size, inset C) are mounted at the bottom of the cryogenic insert which is cooled to very low temperatures during the preliminary measurements. The setup and infrastructure shown here is worth over $10 million.

The Company has completed the preliminary stages of its quantum measurements towards qubit control by successfully characterising optimised and unoptimised QC Devices. The information obtained (e.g. device response to ‘pulse sequences’) will greatly expedite further progress in the 12CQ qubit control measurements.

Source:  Archer Materials Limited.  Dr. Mohammad Choucair, Chief Executive Officer,  Progress towards qubit control…

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