Ireland Focuses on Programming Practical Use-case Quantum Technologies

Ireland Focuses on Programming Practical Use-case Quantum Technologies.  
At Maynooth University, the 2nd All Ireland Conference on Quantum Technologies has taken place.  In a briefing about the Irish Centre for High-End Computing’s current activities, specific discussion centered on ICHEC’s work on quantum software.  Programming practical use-cases in quantum computing platforms is being researched.

In the near term, the ICHEC will be working on a variety of quantum computing hardware devices and software simulators to develop quantum computing software.  “ICHEC’s quantum programming efforts are aimed at evaluating the programmability of different quantum platforms that are out there, and understanding the types and sizes of problems that they can currently solve.”

This work on how-to program quantum computing practical use-cases shows the nascent phase the quantum computing technology is in.  Perhaps ripening a bit too early, as quantum computers have barely become feasible, the field of QC programming is none-the-less wide-open for research and development.

Not long ago, punchcards were used for programming the nascent classical computer.  Modern business and future computers demand more than the punchcard.  ICHEC is far ahead in this respect.

Reference is found at ICHEC…


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