Intralogistics Industry Notes Quantum Computing Threat to Security

Intralogistics Industry Notes Quantum Computing Threat to Security.  
Disruptive technologies are encroaching on every aspect of the world’s economies.  Driving these economies is international trade. 

LogiMAT 2019 is slated for February 19 to 21 in Stuttgart, Germany.  LogiMAT is the leading international trade fair providing vendors a comprehensive market overview for intralogistics – getting the product from here to there.

LogiMAT’s director, Michael Ruchty, sees disruptive technologies as increasingly needed in the logistics industry.  He believes the logistics industry is safe to assume there will be further influence of driverless vehicles, rapid development in sensor technology, and image acquisition and processing will have a strong influence on order picking. 

Also envisioned are technolgies surrounding automated guided vehicles, or AGVs, and robots handling crates, both of which will increase the flexibility for the design of processes and warehouse layouts.

The disruptive technologies influencing the industry demand formidable cybersecurity.  The threat of quantum computing toward cryptographic methods is real and is a topic of discussion for LogiMAT.

“A big topic with security and cryptography experts currently is the potential danger around quantum computers. With the foreseeable further development of AI applications, however, additional encryption algorithms will enable new types of cryptographies.  Companies should make sure to address the issue of crypto-agility.  It allows algorithms to be used in such a way that they can be exchanged quickly if necessary.”

Companies are taking notice.  Through conferences and trade shows, more will see the need for crypto-agility in their own IT systems.  The risk is high, being able to shift cryptographic methods requires risk assessment and long-term planning.  The time to prepare is now. Because quantum is coming.

LogiMat 2019 International Trade Fair site is found here…


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