Post-Quantum Cryptography and Digital Risk Management

Post-Quantum Cryptography and Digital Risk Management.  
RSA Security has set out to focus on corporate digital-risk management. 

RSA’s leadership believes digital risk “will be the largest facet of risk going forward.”  RSA Security’s interest is in the business aspect vice the technology aspect.  However, technology cannot be disregarded.

Take technology’s specter of quantum computing.  Rohit Ghai, RSA Security president, “said one of the inventors of the RSA algorithm, Ron Rivest, made the point that even as quantum computing develops, it will balance itself out because it can be used for cryptography with much larger keys that are harder to decrypt.”

Quantum computing’s capability, or purported capability, is such that these quantum technology-based systems will be able to crack encryption — the type of which is used to secure our communications and finances.  This poses a great digital risk, one that RSA understands.

RSA believes “there are other innovations that can occur that obviate the need for cryptography in terms of ensuring secure communications.”

Distributed ledger technology, blockchain, machine learning, and biometrics are stated by Rohit Ghai as being capable of assuring identity; ergo, managing an organization’s digital risk. 

When a business looks to reduce digital risk, Ghai believes optimizing the business for security, speed, and convenience, first. “Second, you need a continuous model where you are not just checking [identity] at the point of entry.  You have to assure security throughout the life of the transaction.  Once again, [machine leaning] and[artificial intelligence] can be very helpful in this area,” he said.

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