Taking the First Step to Securing Your Corporation Against Quantum Computing

First Step to Securing Your Corporation Against Quantum Computing.  The Hudson Institute has released a succinct guidebook tailored to an organization’s executive leadership.  The guidebook asks and answers numerous, pertinent questions on the topic of quantum computing’s threat to data encryption and what an organization can do, now, to start to mitigate this threat. 

What is quantum computing?

How big of a threat does quantum computing pose to organizations?

What is the expected timeline of a quantum computer breaking public-encryption systems?

What can be done about this threat? 

What is quantum-safe cryptography (quantum-resistant cryptography)?

What steps could we take to protect our organizations? 

Well worth your time to read, ponder, and share with colleagues, even for a cybersecurity-seasoned executive.  Because quantum is coming.  Qubit.

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