Training Workers for Quantum Computing

Training Workers for Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing 101: Brilliant, Google, Microsoft Training Workers

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+  From Microsoft and IBM to Alphabet’s unit X and Canada’s D-Wave Systems, companies are racing to build powerful quantum computers that may solve problems beyond the capacity of the most sophisticated conventional processors, and do it much faster.

+  But tech companies are already writing the novel kinds of software these revolutionary computers will need in order to operate—and businesses are even helping to train the workforce for a future era of “quantum speed-up.’’ For that training task, Microsoft and X, the cutting-edge research arm of Google parent company Alphabet, have partnered with a San Francisco-based educational technology company called Brilliant.

…two big partners hope to do something about [that] bottleneck.

+  Advanced skill in quantum computing is rare—even more rare than expertise in other emerging fields where engineers are highly sought, such as in artificial intelligence disciplines like machine learning and deep learning. The global number of high-level researchers in quantum computing may be less than a thousand, the New York Times estimated in October. And that scarcity could stymie progress for companies in the field.

Source:  xconomy.  Bernadette Tansey, Quantum Computing 101: Brilliant, Google, Microsoft Training Workers

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