(U.S.) National Quantum Computing Initiative Act Unifying Government, Industry & Academia

(U.S.) National Quantum Computing Initiative Act Unifying Government, Industry & Academia

The Drive to Quantum Computing

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+  The U.S. National Quantum Initiative Act signed into law last December mandates a multi-billion-dollar, 10-year effort to build a quantum computer infrastructure, ecosystem, and workforce.

“From all perspectives,” said Intel Labs director of quantum hardware Jim Clarke, “the National Quantum Initiative Act is unifying government, industry and academic interest that will establish U.S leadership in quantum technology. Congress is already going through its appropriation process and the DoE just started requesting feedback on what its Centers should look like.”

+  The purpose of the law is to offer federal support to the research, development, demonstration, and application of quantum information science and technology. It aims to expand the number of quantum researchers, educators, and students by promote the necessary college curriculums, establishing new facilities for research, testing, and education, coordinating governmental, industrial, and academic cooperation, and promoting the development of international standards.

+  Christopher Padilla, IBM vice president of government and regulatory affairs, said the National Quantum Initiative “provides critical investment in research and development of quantum systems, laying the groundwork for the U.S. to sustain our leadership in this groundbreaking technology and ensuring we have a workforce with the right skills to seize the opportunity.”

Source:  COMMUNICATIONS of the ACM.  R. Colin Johnson,  The Drive to Quantum Computing‚Ķ

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