Airbus Set on Using, Developing Quantum Computing

Airbus Set on Using, Developing Quantum Computing

Airbus has been in and out of the news with efforts pertaining to quantum computing.  This past week the company gave much insight into their perspective on the validity of quantum computing applications for the aviation industry.  NETWORK WORLD captured Airbus’ comments made during a virtual event this week.  Recommend reading directly from the source.  Because Quantum is Coming.  Qubit.

Airbus tells quantum-computing developers what it needs from the the technology

In brief…

+  Airbus expects quantum computing to have major production, performance and efficiency benefits as the technology plays a role in its cybersecurity, aerospace and communications businesses.

“We are not very much interested in developing our own quantum technology but will help others develop quantum technologies so that we can integrate them into what we are doing. Our aim is to be quantum-ready. It’s a race, and we want to hit the ground running.”

+  “We are users of quantum computing and intend to use it to deliver more powerful services and systems,” said Paolo Bianco, global research & technology cooperation manager for Airbus to an online audience at the Inside Quantum Technology virtual event this week.

+  “We need to develop systems that are far away from the everyday experience…we are ready to go the extra mile to understand something we are going to use,” Bianco said. Aerospace could be one of the technologies that helps everyone learn what quantum can do, particularly in extreme environments, he said.

Source:  NETWORK WORLD.  Michael Cooney,  Airbus tells quantum-computing developers what it needs from the the technology…

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