International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Piecing Together Quantum Random Number Generator Standards

International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Piecing Together Quantum Random Number Generator Standards

Though quantum random number generation may be naturally secure, caution is needed when making the presumption of complete security.  Into the flow of the QRNG numbers, it is possible to inject non-random data.  Recent studies indicate potential for eavesdropping attacks on the QRNG.  See Secure Random Number Generation May Not be All that Secure from November 14, 2019.  Because Quantum is Coming. Qubit.

Standardization of Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNG) likely to commence soon

Selected notes ~

+  At the beginning of this month, a draft endorsing Quantum noise random number generator was approved as an International standard in Geneva. This was during the ITU-T (1) meeting held in Switzerland. In case you are not aware, the ITU-T is a United Nation agency responsible for matters that concern information and communication.

SK Telecom has already started using QRNG on their 5G and LTE (News – Alert) servers. Their subscribers will definitely enjoy better security with this introduction. They have also integrated this sequence to the Seoul-Daejeon transport section. SK Telecom and ID Quantique are currently carrying out standardization task to enable the distribution of quantum technology. In no time, other countries will adopt this new pattern.

+  Random number generators presently provide what seems like random sequences. However, studies have shown that these sequences have a pattern. This lapse is currently managed but a superfast computer may read the pattern. In other words, there is a risk of certain information getting hacked. However, the only solution is to integrate physical entropy sources in random number generators to overcome this threat.

+  Has this security threat been cured by using casual physics? Not really according to various studies. Quantum physics has shown by all standards that it truly generates random sequences. QRNG generates unpredictable numbers. Any security system that makes use of a QRNG is sure of safety. The fastest computers with quick arithmetic operation cannot determine the random bit of a QRNG system.

+  The recommended draft may be approved before the end of 2019. The ID Quantique and SK Telecom created the recommendation that was consented to. The draft was created in September 2018. According to the ITU records, this is the first recommendation Quantum technology draft that was created by the union. This achievement is a big landmark for the information and communications industry. ITU-T members from other countries like Korea, China, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States also played a major role. ID Quantique initiated the process with the help of these ITU-T members. The quick recommendation was accelerated by the 2-day preparatory workshop organized by ID Quantique and the Quantum Alliance Initiative. The workshop took place at the Hudson Institute in 2018. Eighteen companies from about 8 countries reviewed and agreed that QRNG should be adopted.

Source:  TMCnet.  Ademir Abazagic,  Standardization of Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNG) likely to commence soon…

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