Perfect Secrecy out of Chaos? Not so Fast.

Perfect Secrecy out of Chaos? Not so Fast.

Original claim is found in The Qubit Report, “Out of Chaos, Perfection”.  The below captures skeptical responses to the concept of perfect secrecy from chaos.  The whole piece from the source, below, is worth reading.  Skepticism is found toward the second half.  Because Quantum is Coming.  Qubut.

New Cryptography Method Promising Perfect Secrecy Is Met With Skepticism

In brief…

+  A recent research paper has attracted both interest and skepticism for describing how to achieve perfect secrecy in communications by using specially-patterned silicon chips to generate one-time keys that are impossible to recreate.

“I want to stress that my main problem with this paper is that it makes extremely strong claims, but it is blatantly clear that the author has no idea whatsoever about the basics of cryptography,” says Yehuda Lindell, a computer scientist at the Center for Research in Applied Cryptography and Cyber Security at Bar Ilan University in Israel. “This is always a massive concern.”

+  The chaotic chip approach of Fratalocchi and his colleagues seems to offer a solution to the problem of securely transmitting keys. Furthermore, the researchers also developed an algorithm to extract more digital information from each pulse of laser light and therefore speed up the process of creating the one-time keys for longer messages.

+  The international research team has already filed a provisional patent on the work with an eye toward developing it for commercial applications within a few years. When asked if there are any downsides or limitations to the practical use of such a method, or lingering security concerns, Fratalocchi said he was not aware of any.

+  “We have been contacted by different companies that have different interests and with whom we are discussing different applications for different security concerns,” Fratalocchi says. “Our final goal is to use this system to provide an answer to all existing threats in cryptosecurity.”

+  The Intel cryptographer Misoczki described the new research as “interesting” while also pointing out some possible challenges in securely implementing the system. Specifically, he pointed out that the secondary public channel used for communication between Alice and Bob could be vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks that secretly relay and possibly change the communication between legitimate parties who believe they’re directly communicating with each other.

Source:  IEEE SPECTRUM.  Jeremy Hsu,  New Cryptography Method Promising Perfect Secrecy Is Met With Skepticism…

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