U.S. v. China and the Quantum Race

U.S. v. China and the Quantum Race

A closer look at US-China competition

Points to note…

+  Quantum mechanics involves a process whereby atoms at a very large distance can become entangled with each other. The Chinese pioneered a system where this entanglement can be used to send a signal; in 2017, Chinese scientists conducted a video call using quantum entanglement, and this was a spectacular accomplishment.

What do you see as the Chinese technological advances that should most concern the United States? And how should America cope with them?

+  The United States spends $80 billion a year on intelligence and the vast majority of that goes to signals intelligence. The emerging Chinese capacity to encrypt telephone communications and data transmissions in a way that cannot be tampered with will change the balance in a dramatic way; until now, the United States has had a huge strategic advantage in signals intelligence but it may be on the verge of losing that.

+  Therefore, we must consider seriously how to respond to this development. To me, it was shocking that the Chinese pioneered quantum communication and appear to be more advanced than we are in that field. So, we ought to make sure that other frontier technologies, including quantum computing itself, become American-led fields.

Source:  Jewish News Syndicate.  JNS,  A closer look at US-China competition…

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