Controlling Polarity Results in New Quantum Devices

Controlling Polarity Results in New Quantum Devices

The Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia, officially ICN2, is an international research institute located in the Barcelona, Spain, region. Its research focuses matter at the nanoscale; more specifically, the physical and chemical properties that arise from the behavior of matter at the nanoscale.  Recent work has led to increased potential in controlling polarity at the nanoscale.  Their studies provide “new insights on the growth mechanisms and conditions that determine the polarity of semiconductor nanostructures. Fine control of polarity can result in the design of new quantum devices.”  Qubit

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Tune in to future polarity quantum devices

+ Because of the way atoms are arranged in crystal structures, electromagnetic charges are locally separated. As a consequence, if we look at the crystal along specific directions, we can observe oppositely-charged ionic couples, which are called dumbbells because of their shape. Binary compounds – i.e. formed by two elements only – are said to have A- or B- polarity according to the dumbbell orientation. The type of polarity of these materials influences their properties, which, in turn, have a remarkable impact on the final applications.

The aim of this study was indeed to pin down the factors that influence the polarity of non-planar nanostructures… it was concluded that the observed polarity of these nanostructures is strictly connected to the growth conditions and techniques.

+ … researchers have observed that most of these materials spontaneously grow along the B-polar direction, while only a few follow either A- or B- polar directions. The latter are particularly interesting, as potentially they could offer us the possibility to predetermine their polarity during growth by intervening on some variables.

+  Once a fine control capability is reached, it will be possible to engineer new structures with preselected or changeable polarity with the aim to develop novel quantum devices.

Source:  ICN2 NEWS.  ICN2, Tune in to future polarity quantum devices…

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