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SemiQon Announces Successful Testing and Global Shipping of Its Silicon-Based 4-Qubit Quantum Chip

SemiQon, a Finland-based startup specializing in silicon-based quantum processors, has achieved a significant advance in the field of quantum computing. Today, they proudly announced the successful production and pre-testing of a 4-qubit quantum dot array from their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. These cutting-edge chips are now being dispatched to strategic partners worldwide, marking a decisive step towards accelerating research and development in quantum computing.

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Unique Quantum Material Could Enable Ultra-powerful, Compact Computers | Columbia Quantum Initiative

Information in computers is transmitted through semiconductors by the movement of electrons and stored in the direction of the electron spin in magnetic materials. To shrink devices while improving their performance—a goal of an emerging field called spin-electronics (“spintronics”)—researchers are searching for unique materials that combine both quantum properties.

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U.S. National Counterintelligence and Security Center Delivers Priorities for Industry Outreach in Emerging Technologies

Quantum Information Science and Technology, which includes quantum computing, networking, sensing, and metrology, leverages the fundamental properties of matter to generate new information technologies. For example, quantum computers can, in principle, use the unique properties of atoms and photons to solve certain types of problems exponentially faster than a conventional computer can. Over many decades, harnessing  quantum aspects of nature has produced critical technologies.

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Archer Materials Validates & Demonstrates Qubit Coherence at Room Temperature, in Non-Vacuum Environment

For the first time, Archer Materials validated that the qubits’ quantum coherence properties‡ are preserved under an inert atmosphere. Quantum coherence is the fundamental requirement for quantum logic operations that are the basis of any quantum computing qubit processor hardware. For potential integration and use of qubit materials in practical chip devices, it is significant to demonstrate and validate qubit robustness at room temperature and under atmospheric environments other than that of air or vacuum.

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Equal1 Receives Multimillion Euro Venture Capital Investment From btov Industrial Technologies, Atlantic Bridge

Equal1 Laboratories (Equal1), the silicon quantum computing company, announced btov Industrial Technologies has joined Atlantic Bridge and other Equal1 investors in a multimillion Euro funding round. The funding, which will accelerate the introduction of the world’s most compact and cost-effective quantum computers, brings the initial capital invested in Equal1 to over €10 million.

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No Clunky Magnets or Cryogenics Needed With This Potential Quantum Information Processing Technique

Scientists have generated circularly polarized light and controlled its direction without using clunky magnets or very low temperatures. The findings, by Nagoya University researchers and colleagues in Japan, and published in the journal Advanced Materials, show promise for the development of materials and device methods that can be used in optical quantum information processing.

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