DigiCert Studying Post-Quantum Cryptography

DigiCert Studying Post-Quantum Cryptography.  
DigiCert unveiled its digital certificate management platform for the cloud.  Foundational to the development is cybersecurity.  Dubbed “CertCentral Enterprise” the initiative enhances the strengths of DigiCert’s current offerings with the recently acquired Symantec Public Key Infrastructure.

For cybersecurity, the CertCentral Enterprise platform “allows customers to customize and automate all stages of life-cycle management” for transport layer security, secure sockets layer (TLS/SSL), and other digital certificate types from a user interface.  Further, DigiCert Labs, another recent initiative, has been chartered for research and development of security challenges, bringing in expertise from university and industry. 

The Quantum Nexus.  One of the focus areas for DigiCert Labs is quantum-resistant cryptography, also known as post-quantum cryptography.  PQC, properly implemented, is capable of protecting data and communications from hacking by quantum computers.

“Post-quantum cryptography, for example, is really important, as the U.S. government and others are predicting that [popular] encryption algorithms may be broken in the next 10 years by quantum computing.”

DigiCert Labs’ first two research projects involve post-quantum cryptography, working with Microsoft Research, Utimaco, Isara and Gemalto, and machine learning in collaboration with the University of Illinois.

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