Middle East, Quantum Computing, and FOMO

Middle East, Quantum Computing, and FOMO

The Gulf embraces quantum power

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  Universities in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE have already launched quantum computing research groups to help cultivate homegrown knowledge of the technology that is set to transform the world.

+  While the global quantum computing ecosystem is still in its infancy, the UAE is reaching out to global technology giants to form early-stage partnerships. Big US IT companies such as IBM, Google and Microsoft are investing in Gulf research into quantum computing.

“Undoubtedly, quantum computers will bring unprecedented computational power for solving complex problems million times faster than high powered computers today,” says Anas Haj Kasem, senior consultant of ICT and digital transformation, at consulting and research firm Frost & Sullivan.

+  “Many quantum computing use cases will only become apparent once the technology is deployed. In the GCC, there is a real fear of missing out because the possibilities are at the same time endless and unknown,” says Wes Schwalje, chief operating officer at research firm Tahseen Consulting. “Lagging behind could lead to counterfactual risk – if a country does not embrace quantum computing, there is a real chance that their leaders will be asking ten years down the road what would have happened had they moved earlier.”

Source:  wamda.  Alicia Buller, The Gulf embraces quantum power…

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