What September 20, 2019 Means

What September 20, 2019 Means

The Dark Side of Quantum Computing Technology

Points to note…

+  So, what precisely happened on September 20, 2019?

+  The Financial Times leaked a quantum computing research report from Google that had been posted on NASA’s website. Hours later, the report was taken down and disappeared. We don’t know who ordered it to be pulled. But the details of the report were later confirmed and made public.

But on that date, “it” happened.  The world learned that we had achieved “quantum supremacy.”

+  What is important to know is how much more powerful a quantum computer is compared to a classical supercomputer.

+  The report I mentioned above detailed tests that Google ran on its 53-qubit quantum computer. In those tests, it gave the quantum computer a task that would take the world’s most powerful supercomputer, Summit, 10,000 years to complete.

+  But remember, quantum computing is a game-changer. A quantum com­puter could analyze all the variables in real time. It could then adjust the parameters to maintain the fusion reaction and keep it stable.

+  Imagine a world with abundant, cheap, clean energy from nuclear fusion. The consequences would be profound. And thanks to quantum computing-powered AI, I believe we will see net power generation from a nuclear fusion reactor within five years.

+  So yes, quantum computing could benefit humanity. But there’s another, darker side to the world of quantum supremacy…

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Source:  CASEY RESEARCH.  Jeff Brown,  The Dark Side of Quantum Computing Technology…

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