IBMers Speak on Quantum Safe Cryptography

IBMers Speak on Quantum Safe Cryptography

Unlocking Quantum Security

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+  As quantum computing evolves, bad actors also advance. Because quantum computing will have a lasting impact for the future and affect individuals across multiple industries, it’s important to prioritize its advancement.

“It’s the next generation of cryptography that’s important for today’s sensitive applications and domains. It’s important that IBM understands what the implications are of moving to new cryptographic algorithms, and then to pass on this knowhow to the clients.” –Michael Osborne, manager of privacy and security and global lead for quantum-safe encryption

+  What businesses across industries can no longer deny is that bad actors are out there—and they’re now looking to capture entire databases to store for a future time when quantum computers reach sufficient strength to hack into them. As a result, security has become increasingly important for quantum computing—specifically quantum-safe cryptography—to guard against current and future threats from quantum computers.

+  To understand how quantum computing relates to quantum-safe cryptography, and why quantum security is key for keeping current and future data safe, IBM Systems magazine sat down with IBMers Michael Osborne, manager of privacy and security and global lead for quantum-safe encryption, and Michael Jordan, Distinguished Engineer for IBM Z* Security.

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