Policy, Cloud Computing, Post-quantum Cryptography

Policy, Cloud Computing, Post-quantum Cryptography

Security, privacy, and cryptography

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+  Post-quantum computing – Designing and testing algorithms that are resistant to quantum computers, setting the standard for security and privacy in an era when all cryptography deployed today will be vulnerable to malicious attack.

Experts from Microsoft in the areas of security, privacy, and cryptography contribute to discussions in the global community about policies that guide the evolution of technology and services. The company takes a long view to security, privacy, and cryptography – preparing today for the post-quantum world and a time when every person, place, and thing is connected to the Internet.

+  Cloud computing – Developing and deploying state-of-the-art cryptography, standards, and protocols that build trust in the hardware, software, and systems used to store, exchange, and exploit data across cloud-computing infrastructure.

+  Policy – Engaging with government representatives, industry trade groups and non-profit organizations to discuss standards, protocols, and policies that help shape and guide the evolution of security, privacy, and cryptography.

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