SK Broadband Awarded Government Backbone Network Contract, Quantum Encryption to Protect

SK Broadband wins contract to establish national backbone network

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+  SK Broadband said in a statement on October 29 that it was selected by the National Information Resources Service as the operator of the No.1 national backbone network that will be completed in March 2021 as the country’s main information network.

“The project is the largest-ever public sector project won by SK Broadband in its history,” SK Broadband’s corporate business team head Lee Bang-yeol was quoted as saying. Through the project, the internet operator will establish a backbone network to interlink information networks run by 48 government organizations.

+  A backbone network, also known as a core network, is a computer network that interconnects various other networks in order to create pathways that would allow organizations using a different local area network (LAN) or subnetworks to exchange data.

+  Lee said the backbone network will be protected by top network security technologies including quantum encryption that uses quantum mechanics to encrypt messages that are readable by designated people.

Source:  Aju Business Daily.  Park Sae-jin,  SK Broadband wins contract to establish national backbone network…

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