How is Your Cybersecurity? Numerous Cryptographic Risks Make Your Crypto-Agility an Imperative


Cybersecurity Hacking


Developing A Unified Crypto Strategy to Get Ahead Of Tomorrow’s Security Threats

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+  In business environments, cryptography is used to protect and authenticate applications and IoT devices, however the onset of quantum computing means that today’s cryptographic algorithms will become ineffective and obsolete. Our reliance on hardware and software in traditional IT environments and IoT ecosystems makes the potential fallout from broken cryptographic algorithms highly concerning.

According to Gartner analysts Mark Horvath and David Anthony Mahdi, most public-key algorithms in use today will be susceptible to attack by quantum computing processors within the next five to eight years.


When developing or augmenting a business’ crypto strategy, the following seven steps can help IT teams get ahead of potential disruptions, respond to high-level crypto risk, strengthen cryptographic defense and act before threats become serious:

    1. Conduct an audit to understand how many digital certificates the organization has.
    2. Build an inventory to identify where they live and what they’re used for.
    3. Document the hash algorithm they use and their overall health.
    4. Flag certificate expiration dates.
    5. Assign or note who owns every certificate.
    6. Map the methods used to protect valuable code-signing certificates.
    7. Ensure a centralized method is used to securely update every certificate.

+  Many experts believe that quantum computing will pose a legitimate threat somewhere between 2025 and 2035. When it does, today’s cryptographic algorithms such as RSA and ECC will become easily breakable.

Source:  isBuzzNews.  Ted Shorter,  Developing A Unified Crypto Strategy to Get Ahead Of Tomorrow’s Security Threats…

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