IBM to Implement Quantum-safe Algorithms in the Cloud

IBM to Implement Quantum-safe Algorithms in the Cloud

IBM Drives Quantum-Safe Cryptography Into Its Public Cloud

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+  IBM will begin offering quantum-safe cryptography services on its public cloud beginning next year in a move toward bolstering the security of data and privacy from fault-tolerant quantum computers.

“While years away, data can be harvested today, stored and decrypted in the future with a powerful enough quantum computer,” it noted. “While the industry is still finalizing post-quantum cryptography standards, businesses and other organizations can start preparing today.”

+  The services are based on quantum-safe algorithms that use open standards and open source technology to bolster its transport layer security (TSL) and secure socket layer (SSL) security connections in IBM Cloud services. This will help protect data while it’s in transit within the IBM Cloud.

Quantum-Safe CRYSTALS. The cryptographic algorithms are part of the Cryptographic Suite for Algebraic Lattices (CRYSTALS). That’s a lattice cryptography platform based on the “hardness of mathematical problems that have been studied since the 1980’s and have not succumbed to any algorithmic attacks, either classical or quantum,” explained Vadim Lyubashevsky, a cryptographer at IBM Research, in a statement. “This is why we have made our algorithms open source and have submitted them to [the National Institute for Standards and Technology] for standardization.”

+ CRYSTALS is based on two quantum resistant cryptographic primitives: Kyber, which is a secure key encapsulation mechanism; and Dilithium, which is a secure digital signature algorithm. IBM has tested the platform on a prototype tape drive with symmetric AES-256 encryption to enable a quantum computing safe tape drive. CRYSTALS has also been donated to for further development of open standards.

Source:  sdx central.  Dan Meyer,  IBM Drives Quantum-Safe Cryptography Into Its Public Cloud…

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